DSCN9100 Science, Technology, Engineering,

Art, and Math





The goal of STEAM is to foster a learning environment in which students create original ideas and use problem-solving techniques that employ math, science, art, and technology concepts. Understanding and employing the ENGINEERING DESIGN PROCESS plays a large role in classroom lessons and activities.The mission of this class is to grow students’ capacity for creativity through a constructionist approach. STEAM class is held in the school’s Maker Space.










 improveThroughout the year, students engage in activities such as the Future City Competition, developing an Outdoor Learning Center, and identifying and solving real-world problems. Students participate in focused activities based on developing a deeper understanding of various concepts. They are also given opportunities for innovative exploration within the Maker Space.






STEAM is offered as an extended period class once a week. The concepts of inquiry and project-based learning are integrated throughout the curriculum.  Content learned in each of the various subject areas are also integrated into this class. STEAM is an important part of the curriculum as it supports the development of research, communication, social, self-management, and thinking skills.