Who We Are


Students in pirate costumesFounded in 1978, Morganton Day School (MDS) serves children from Junior-Kindergarten to Eighth Grade. With low teacher to student ratios and a dedication to students’ success, MDS provides a superior education for local as well as international children.

Academics: Rigorous academics in a supportive caring environment — including a strong focus on science and technology– provides students the foundation needed to be successful as they matriculate through higher education.

Enrollment: With students engaging in inquiry-based learning daily, our student enrollment is intentionally limited. Annual enrollment of approximately 120  students in grades JK-8 supports student engagement in hands-on, minds-on learning experiences.

International Baccalaureate Programme: With the globalization of our world, the IB programme provides students the opportunity to experience internationalism. See the introductory video to the Primary Years Programme below.

Faculty: Our faculty members are caring compassionate educators with a variety of backgrounds and degrees. It is the goal of every faculty member to provide a superior education for every child.

Integrated STEAM and Maker Education Curriculum: As part of our IB programme and educational philosophy of constructivism, STEAM integrates the study of science, technology, engineering, and math. Constructivism is a well-established theory of learning that incorporates learners as co-constructors of knowledge. The STEAM and Maker Ed program, provide students with the opportunity to discover their passion for science and experience the design process while competing at the state level in engineering competitions.

Campus: We are located in the heart of Morganton, within walking distance to many community venues. Our facilities provide comfortable spaces for inquiry and learning.

Learn about some of the great things our students have done so far this school year in our newsletter: The Communicator