Board of Trustees

As the governing body of Morganton Day School, the Board of Trustees is responsible for guiding the school in both short and long term planning. We pride ourselves in the varying backgrounds of our board members, drawing from the larger community to create a well rounded board dedicated to the advancement of our school.

  • Mrs. Jennifer Deacon (Past-Chair)
  • Mrs. Marsha Carver (Past-Chair)
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Beall (Chair)
  • Mr. David Bennett
  • Mr. Alan Curtis
  • Mrs. Sue Gomes
  • Mr. Brad Hefner
  • Mr. Aaron Joyner
  • Dr. Rachel Kelly
  • Mrs. Sherry Lindquist
  • Mr. Eric Loomis
  • Mrs. Tina Moeller
  • Mr. Billy Mulwee
  • Dr. Melanie Mikusa (Head of School, Ex Officio)