Students Honor Veteran

duty courageous Veteran stolen lives
passionate freedom peace  protection
horrendous fight blood death pain war
sacrifices serve  proud brave  risk-taker
appreciation honor 

This collaborate poem was written by third grade students for Shawn Keller in honor of his years of Service. 
Veteran’s Day, 2019     

Each year we come together to honor our veterans on this special day through learning activities and special guest speakers. This year was no different. Today, students began the day with an interactive presentation from veteran Mr. Shawn Keller. Students listened attentively as they gained greater understanding of all that veterans do and have done for our country. There were so many great questions. 

In addition to the many class activities that took place today, third grade students were inquirers and risk takers as they investigated the MREs that Mr. Keller shared with the students. Everyone was amazed at the variety and taste of food that soldiers eat every day in the field. This was a very special hands on learning, allowing students to make real connections. 

We believe learning and gaining knowledge is a powerful way to say thank you. Today MDS said a big THANK YOU!

Thankful for our veterans and for their service to our country, 
Dr. Mikusa
Head of School