3rd Graders Celebrate Greeks and Romans

After studying the ancient civilizations, 3rd graders at Morganton Day School recently celebrated Groovy Greek Day and Rotten Roman Day.

Wrapped in white sheets with laurel wreaths on their heads for Greek Day, students decorated Greek masks and clay pots. Then they had their own Olympics with a pentathlon including javelin, discus, long jump, wheelbarrow “chariot” races, and a memory “boxing” game.

On Roman Day, dressed in togas, students enjoyed designing gladiator shields and tasting a Roman feast, complete with kid-friendly foods representing sea urchin, jellyfish, pork brains, and peacock eggs. Students toured the CoMMA to see the fresco on the ceiling and hear the myth of the Nine Muses. The day was wrapped up with a walking tour of downtown Morganton to notice columns, arches, and other influences of Greek and Roman architecture.

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