Making a Difference through Service

On November 19, students at Morganton Day School reached outside the walls of their school and into the Morganton community. During their annual “Making a Difference through Service Day,” MDS students experienced being part of a greater community and contributing in meaningful ways.

Making a Difference through Service Day is a tradition that began over five years ago and captures the very spirit of the school. Each day, teachers strive to help students see ways they can take action on their learning, and each year, students and teachers come together and infiltrate our community supporting various organizations through service projects. As the holiday season approaches and thoughts turn to gratitude, Making a Difference through Service Day gives students a special opportunity to reach out and make a real difference.

Another important part of the Making a Difference through Service day is helping build student agency, the capacity and propensity to take purposeful action. Working collaboratively, students choose service projects that tied into their unit of inquiry or tapped into their areas of interest. This year projects included the following:

Junior Kindergarten and 5th grade collected and delivered hats, gloves, socks, and canned items for the community blessing pantry. Kindergarten shared their love of reading with kinders from Oak Hill Elementary, giving each child a book to take home. 1st and 2nd grade made Caring Bags for homeless citizens in Morganton. 3rd & 4th grade made animal care packs and groomed dogs for A Better Life animal shelter. 6th and 7th grade made Senior Santa Bags and helped stock the shelves at BUCM. 8th Grade sorted and organized donations at the Outreach Center.

Morganton Day is committed to education that prepares students to be the future leaders of our global community, and service learning is one small part of that education.