World Kindness Day 2018 at MDS

A word about World Kindness Day from 3rd Grade Teacher, Jenna Holt:

At MDS, our IB curriculum includes opportunities to put open-mindedness, tolerance, and respect into our learning every day.  When I first heard of World Kindness Day from our awesome JK teacher, Elizabeth O’Hagan,  I immediately knew this would be the perfect fit for our school.  Last year after reading the book Wonder, students were excited to walk to the theater and watch the movie on the big screen.  The #ChooseKind movement took off all over the world and MDS is proud to participate!  

3/4th grade classrooms met together and began by reviewing the characters in the book, remembering the kindness Auggie’s friends showed him.  We then wrote kindness cards to friends and teachers at school sharing appreciation and passing along the kindness.  Using the website we discussed the “Science of Kindness,” helping students to understand the “pay it forward” vibe.  It was clear students were ready to take action.  Students chose their direction by creating a video to show kindness, creating a kindness poster, or researching more about the science of kindness.   

The culmination of their efforts were compiled into a beautiful video that highlights the daily atmosphere of student choice in learning, student action, and the love and community that families here at MDS feel every day.