Cultural Pavilion Celebrates Spain

Students at Morganton Day School walked to the COMMA on Tuesday, March 20 to see Flamenco Dancers perform. Shouts of, “Óle!” filled the air as students embraced this cultural event. Students learned about the history of the art form, how the dance is used to express emotion and tell stories, and the significance of each costume. As is common with our IB curriculum, our children eagerly asked questions in an auditorium full of people and could tie this performance into their units of inquiry.

Two days later, second-grade students shared their own version of traditional Spanish dance during the MDS Cultural Pavilion, which occurred in Bennett Hall. Families gathered for a cultural celebration of Spain, with various learning modalities used to connect concepts.  Student-created Spanish artwork, from tiles to sculptures, were showcased, as well as presentations from each class.  The event was a success, thanks to the hard work of Senora Carolina Barbosa, and all of our amazing teachers who helped coordinate this evening.  We are looking forward to traveling to another country next year!