Third Grade

Teacher: Jenna Holt

Curriculum description:

Our third grade classroom is a buzz of activity and learning!  On any given day you will see students working in groups exploring and learning together–or you may see students working independently researching or working at their own pace on one of our integrated units of inquiry—or we may not be there at all because we are taking the opportunity to experience and learn out in our community.


Third Grade Adventures in LEARNING

here yeSeptember 2016

Hear ye, hear ye- third grade has declared their independence and all taxes have been repealed!  :)

After a meeting up in the treehouse the previous day, students returned back to school with an organized plan!!! First they BOYCOTTED classroom taxes and then called for a meeting with the King….I mean Dr. Mikusa.

Students made AMAZING CONNECTIONS to their learning as they told me taxes made them mad, sad, outraged, and angry!!!…They shared their plans for peaceful protest (boycotting and circulating a petition) and then made an appointment with Dr. Mikusa to discuss their feelings.  While they met with Dr. Mikusa, students explained how they felt it was UNFAIR to charge them fees (aka taxes) for things they didn’t get to decide on.
I am SO PROUD of this group!!!!  They practiced expressing themselves (our transdisciplinary theme) and sharing their perspectives  in a beautifully respectful and organized way…….It was time to finally let them in on the TOP SECRET learning project they’d been involved in all week long!…
I explained that even the BEST BOOKS or video clips couldn’t help them understand how the colonists TRULY felt- or how protests and revolutions begin to organize from conversations of “unfair” to organized action!
Huzzah to the MDS community for supporting the kind of experiences that engage students in real, authentic learning!!!